By making a positive difference in your local community. Volunteer at a charity, help an elderly neighbor, demonstrate positive leadership characteristics, or by demonstrating exceptional courage during a difficult situation. These are all ways to help improve your chances.

Anyone between the ages of 4-16 can be eligible. You can apply yourself or nominate someone you know. Please note simply applying does not guarantee an award.  Awards are limited by the amount of revenue we generate each year, combined with the candidate meeting the eligibility requirements. We do our best to meet the needs of everyone, however if you did not qualify for this year we encourage you to apply next year.

No, once you have one you will not be eligible again for 5 years. We do this to ensure we award as many applicants as possible. Additionally, 5 years is enough time to outgrow your current bicycle.

You can apply by clicking the link to our application form HERE.

We want to encourage young people to have a measurable and positive impact on our community. By adding a “pay it forward” component to our charity, we not only help children in need, but also encourage this behavior within their own community.

We do our very best to meet your preferences, but we are limited to the stock carried by our supplier and their availability. We cannot guarantee things like style of bike or colour, but we do promise to do our very best.