Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.
~ Booker T Washington

The Bug and Birdie Foundation was created by the team at Iron Horse Security, a national security provider with its head offices located in Ottawa. The team at Iron Horse Security wanted to give back to their community by teaching at-risk, disadvantaged, and marginalized children the value of community service and hard work.

The Iron Horse Security Team wanted to form a charity that didn’t simply give a handout, but instead chose to structure the Foundation in a way that has a positive escalating effect throughout each child’s local community. A “Pay It Forward” based approach that not only positively impacts marginalized children but also the community that surrounds them. This approach will positively impact the lives of entire communities along with the disadvantaged children. You can learn more about Iron Horse Security Here.

The Bug and Birdie Foundation is a CRA registered Charitable Foundation, that operates on a “100% zero overhead”, this means 100% of your donations go directly to the kids. The Bug and Birdie Foundation has zero paid employee’s and operates solely by the hard work of our volunteers, with Iron Horse Security offsetting any operational costs ensuring it remains “100% zero overhead”. This could not be made possible if it were not for his incredible team of volunteers from Iron Horse Security.

The Bug and Birdie Foundation is made possible by the tremendous support and dedication provided by the team of incredibly talented volunteers from Iron Horse Security. To learn more about Iron Horse Security please visit their site.

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