Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.
~ Roy T. Bennett

The Bug and Birdie Foundation is a non-denominational organization that directly helps at risk and disadvantaged children between the ages of 4 and 16.  Each year we solicit and collect applications to give away free brand-new bicycles, helmets, and locks. These applications can be self-nominated or nominated by friends, family, teachers, mentors, or peers. The application needs to demonstrate that the candidate has positively influenced their community or who has shown exceptional courage in difficult situations.

Acts of kindness, community service, “paying it forward” or simply demonstrating courage in a difficult situation are all actions that can make kids eligible candidates. If you know a deserving child, please  nominate them now!

Please note that the submitting of an application is not a guarantee of an award. Awards are limited each year by the amount of money donated, and although we do our very best to try to award as many as possible, simply submitting an application is not a guarantee. We award each bicycle after a careful review of all applications, making sure the most deserving are awarded. So get out there and make a difference for your community!

Please only apply once per year. Multiple applications will not guarantee you an award, conversely this can bog down our operations and cause a negative impact to our operations.

What can you do to improve your chances?

That’s easy, make a positive difference in your community. Help a neighbor in need, volunteer at a local charity, demonstrate positive leadership characteristics, or by demonstrating exceptional courage during a difficult situation. These awards are earned and not given, so get out there and make a positive difference in your community today!

We are open for applications From January 1 until March 1 annually.  Please ensure your application has been submitted prior to March 1, as our online portal will be closed effective that date. We will be awarding the bicycles the last week of April.  If you miss the cut-off date you can always apply for the following year.

Nominate Someone Special!

We do our very best to meet your preferences, but we are limited to the stock carried by our supplier and their availability. We cannot guarantee things like style of bike or colour, but we do promise to do our very best. It is possible that you may receive a unisex bicycle, or helmet.
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